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Woodstock Brewery Danza
Bitterness - 3 Fruitiness - 3 Fullbodied - 5

Bru-wers Club ratings

The Bru-wers Ratings are derived from the pallets of our customers. Each customer who purchases a beer gets their chance to let us know what they thought. From these the average is given to help other customers find the beer that suits them.

Ratings are not an absolute but rather a subjective measure to serve as a guide by helping customers make the right choice.

Shop with Bru-wers to make the informed decision when buying craft beer online.

Beers are rated on the following aspects


(The perceived level of fruit flavour delivered by the beer)


(Bitterness is measured by the IBU however, the BRE measure of bitterness is the bitterness experienced by our customers)


(This is measured on the impact and strength of the flavour on your pallet. Most commercial lagers would score between 2-4 on this scale)