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Shackleton Brewing Company Golden Ale (500ml)

The Golden Ale is a clean and crisp light ale. Its low malt character gives it a balanced bitterness. Join the winning team, grab a Gold.








Shackleton Brewing Company Golden Ale (500ml)

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Winning feels amazing, and the Shackleton Brewing Company knows it well. They understand that while losing may teach us humility, the Shackleton Brewing Company Golden Ale has never experienced defeat.

The Shackleton Golden Ale is a refreshing and clean light beer that hits all the right notes. It strikes a perfect balance between its low malt character and a satisfying bitterness. Consider it a winning addition to your shopping cart, your fridge, and finally, your hand. Join the winning team and indulge in the golden goodness.

This brew showcases a clear golden orange color that instantly refreshes the eyes even before the first sip. The enticing aromas of wheat, grain, and citrus hops beautifully complement the clean and crisp malt character. To complete the experience, a subtle backdrop of bitterness adds a delightful touch to the light ale flavor.

Embrace the triumph of flavor with the Shackleton Brewing Company Golden Ale. It’s a beer that knows nothing but victory. Treat yourself to the refreshingly balanced taste and let it elevate your moments of enjoyment. Raise your glass and savor every sip of this golden delight.


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