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Woodstock Brewery Born Slippy

Born Slippy is a light, crisp, sessionable Lager. This Lager will undoubtedly become a firm favorite.








Woodstock Brewery Born Slippy

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Introducing Born Slippy, the refreshing Lager beer from Woodstock Brewery that is destined to be your go-to beverage for any occasion. Inspired by Underworld’s beloved greyhound, this light and crisp Lager captures the spirit of triumph and brings it to your glass.

Born Slippy is crafted with precision and care, ensuring that each sip delivers a taste experience that is nothing short of exceptional. The smooth and clean profile of this Lager makes it incredibly sessionable, perfect for those moments when you want to unwind and enjoy a quality brew.

With every pour of Born Slippy, you’ll be greeted by a golden hue that reflects the craftsmanship behind Woodstock Brewery’s renowned creations. Its enticing aroma hints at the delightful flavors that await, inviting you to take a moment to savor the experience.

This Lager is a true testament to Woodstock Brewery’s commitment to producing outstanding beers. Born Slippy embodies their dedication to quality, flavor, and drinkability. It’s a Lager that stands out among the rest, capturing the essence of Woodstock Brewery’s artistry.

Whether you’re celebrating a victory, enjoying a laid-back gathering, or simply craving a refreshing Lager, Born Slippy is the choice that will never disappoint. Experience the magic of Woodstock Brewery with every sip and let Born Slippy be your companion in moments of joy and relaxation.

Raise a glass to the craftsmanship of Woodstock Brewery and savor the triumph of Born Slippy. Let its light, crisp, and sessionable character bring a touch of greatness to your drinking experience. Cheers to Woodstock Brewery and to the unforgettable taste of Born Slippy!

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